How to File a Claim

An owner’s policy of title insurance provides the homeowner peace of mind about their legal rights to real property.

If you have a question or concern about your rights, promptly notify the title insurance company whose name appears on the title policy. The title policy includes instructions for contacting the title insurer. This information is usually at the end of the “Conditions and Stipulations” section within the policy.

Unable to locate your policy or unsure whether you purchased a policy? Contact the title company, title agent, settlement agent or attorney that handled your purchase and inquire about your coverage.

You can determine if you have title insurance coverage by reviewing the Closing Disclosure provided at the closing of your purchase. For example, charges for an owner’s policy can be found under the “Other Costs” section on page two of the Closing Disclosure.

Contact information for the title insurer may also be found online or with your state department of insurance.

When giving notice of a potential claim to the title insurer, include the property address, a brief statement of the question or matter, copies of any claims documents received, and a copy of your owner’s policy (if available).

Remember, the broad coverage of title insurance includes protection against frivolous claims, or title issues that may not present an immediate problem. It’s best to contact the title insurer promptly, as soon as you have any question or concern about your legal rights with insured land.