Closing Options

Closing Options

Depending on where you live, there are various ways you can complete the purchase of your property or refinance of your mortgage. Contact an ALTA member company or ask your lender to discuss the closing options that will best meet your needs and what services are available in your area.

In Person

The buyer, and in many cases the seller, comes to the settlement providers office to sign (on paper or digitally) the transfer documents (deed, note, mortgage) and the disclosure documents. Except for the Closing Disclosure, the buyer and seller are not sent the documents for review prior to the settlement

Mail Away/Mobile Notary

The settlement provider sends the closing documents to the buyer and seller. A notary will then meet the parties at an agreed location to witness the signing and collect the documents. The buyers and sellers can also obtain their own notary and mail the documents back to the settlement provider after signing.


The buyer and seller are given access and ability to sign most of the documents prior to coming to the settlement providers office. At the closing, the parties sign in person (on paper or digital) the main transfer documents (deed, note, mortgage).

Remote Digital

During this type of closing, you can digitally access and sign documents using a portal provided by the settlement company or lender. This process allows you to sign all documents with an electronic signature and appear before the notary using online audio-video technology. As of July 2019, these states authorize this type of closing: